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2000-2001 Season

How Safe are Our Roads and Streets?

Presented Apr 2001

This lecture looked more closely into the safety of our road system, including new initiatives in Human Factors, Road Planning & Design and Explicit Safety Application. Gerald Wilde, Professor of Psychology, Queen’s University, provided a perspective on the human factors, showing how Target Risk (accepted, desired and tolerated) is directly proportional to collision rates. Geni […]

One City: Will We Get it Right?

Presented Nov 2000

On the eve of amalgamation in Ottawa-Carleton, we asked experts to share their experiences. John Sewell, consultant, former mayor of Toronto, shared his views on amalgamation in Toronto and what the new City of Ottawa could learn from Toronto’s experience. Graham Kirby, consultant, former Commissioner of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Review Commission, spoke about the growing […]

Soundscapes & Visual Readings of the City

Presented Oct 2000

This lecture presented a virtual tour of rural Ottawa – its landscape, its villages, and its economic and environmental issues where the rural land mass represents 90% of the City’s area but is home to only 10% of the its population. Kenneth Emig, is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer and educator. He has been working with […]