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2001-2002 Season

A Virtual Tour of Rural Ottawa

Presented Feb 2002

This lecture presented a virtual tour of rural Ottawa – its landscape, its villages, and its economic and environmental issues where the rural land mass represents 90% of the City’s area but is home to only 10% of the its population. Larry Spencer, Policy Advisor, City of Ottawa, provided a slide show virtual tour which […]

The Rivers Among Us

Presented Nov 2001

This panel plunged into the discussion of sustainable development for waterfront space highlighting successful reclamations of waterfronts, and long-term strategy being developed for the Ottawa River. Mark London, Planner, City of Montréal, highlighted successful strategies for the renewal of various waterfronts including the Old Port of Montréal and the Lachine Canal. Patrick Déoux, Consultant, Delcan […]

The Federal Government’s Role in Cities

Presented Oct 2001

This evening’s discussion examined the role that the federal government does, can, and should take in the growth and development of our cities. Mauril Bélanger, Federal Member of Parliament and Member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Cities provided insights into the role that the federal government can play beyond our national institutions. James […]