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Upcoming Lectures: November 2 & 3, 2011

Special Session Partner: City of Ottawa Downtown Moves

Towards Sustainable Mobility: The role of walking, cycling, transit and…cars

Wednesday November 2, 2011
Andrew Haydon Hall, Ottawa City Hall | 7pm (note the room)

Gil Penalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities

Internationally renowned liveable city advisor, Gil Penalosa, delivers inspirational and interactive presentations on creating 8-80 cities – cities that are safe and accessible for all citizens from 8 to 80 years of age. This presentation will provide examples of best practices in achieving more sustainable forms of transportation by foot, bicycle and public transit and how these investments create healthier, more egalitarian and people-friendly cities.

Transforming New York’s Streets

Thursday November 3, 2011 (New Daytime Session Added)
Andrew Haydon Hall, Ottawa City Hall | 8:30am

Andrew Wiley-Schwartz, New York City, Department of Transportation

The streets of New York have been changed by simple but grand moves that have turned parts of Time Square and other streets spaces into popular public places and safe complete streets. Andy will explain how changes in the New York City administration, community perspectives as well as demographic pressures, created opportunity to implement these projects.

Walking Home: The life and Lessons of a City Builder

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Andrew Haydon Hall, Ottawa City Hall | 7pm (note the room)

Ken Greenberg, Architect, teacher, writer & urban design consultant

One of the world’s foremost urban designers will share his passion and methods for rejuvenating neglected cities and downtown cores. For over thirty years Ken has designed the means to make that happen. Walking Home is a story in turning the world’s urban spaces back into places that can give us not only a platform to face the challenges of the future, but also a place we can call, with pride and satisfaction, home.

Urban Forum thanks their 2011-2012 Season Sponsors:
Golder Associates, City of Ottawa, Ottawa Citizen, Ontario Professional Planner Institute, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada | Architecture Canada, Ottawa Regional Society of Architects and the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects.


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