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1998-1999 Season

Retail Trends

Presented Mar 1999

A moderated panel provided a discussion of retail trends in North America and what implications they may hold for communities. Hermann J. Kircher, President of Kircher Research Associates, a market research analyst, presented a thought-provoking lecture on retail trends in Ottawa-Carleton and beyond. Mr. Kircher was joined by three individuals with ties to the local […]

Ottawa’s X-Files: Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams

Presented Jan 1999

A panel of historians, critics and professionals highlighted some of this century’s unrealized dreams, fantastic follies and some rather perplexing proposals for the Capital Region. The lecture provided a scholarly look back at where we have come from, and some wisdom for where we are now heading. David Gordon, Queen’s University School of Urban & […]

What Makes Great Streets?

Presented Oct 1998

According to Allan Jacobs, the streets of a city define its liveability by revealing insights into the quality of urban life. This two-part event included a professional development workshop and a public lecture that led professionals from Ottawa and Toronto to explore ways to enhance the public function of a typical arterial road. Allan Jacobs, […]

Visions for the City: Lessons in City Building from Frederick Law Olmsted

Presented Sep 1998

Presented in both Ottawa and Toronto, the lecture outlined what lessons Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision brings to cities today. Olmsted is best known as the designer of Central Park and Mount Royal, but he is also the father of “North American Urbanism” whose ideas and approach to town planning have made a lasting impression on […]