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1999-2000 Season

Urban Diversity: Managing Multicultural Cities

Presented Mar 2000

A debate that examined international migration and growing diversity and its impacts on city life and assessed its importance for urban planning, and explored solutions to create a desirable multicultural urban environment. Dr. Dan Hiebert, Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, provided a portrait of the region’s population and how it differs from […]

Shaping Our Cities by Design

Presented Feb 2000

Three guest speakers from Toronto shared their views and experiences in applying Urban Design as a business paradigm to all aspects of land development decision-making. Robert Glover, Director, Urban Design, City of Toronto, talked about the role of urban design in creating liveable urban environments and the City of Toronto’s experience in implementing its design […]

The Artist’s Perspective of the City

Presented Nov 1999

A panel presentation and discussion on how artists from various disciplines view the city, how they draw inspiration from it and what they contribute to its livability. John Dooher, Musician, song writer and audio engineer, talked about how an increasingly diverse society expresses itself through the international language of music and how the City nurtures […]

Housing Trends in the Capital: New and Improved Formulas

Presented Oct 1999

A panel presentation and discussion on housing trends in the National Capital Region and beyond. Alain Miguèlez, Housing Analyst and Market Researcher at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation presented an overview of housing trends in Ottawa-Carleton. Peter Gabor, Principal of Gabor & Popper Architects of Toronto, spoke to the successes and failures of recent new […]