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2006-2007 Season

Regenerating Neighbourhoods: A Tale of Two Cities: Benny Farm in Montreal and Regent Park in Toronto

Presented Apr 2007

How can the large-scale rebuilding of a neighbourhood be economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible? In this lecture, we will discuss two examples of neighbourhoods that are currently subjects of renewal schemes. In Montreal, Benny Farm was a development built to house veterans after WWII. Bernard Olivier from L’Oeuf Architects will speak about how […]

Exploring the Future of Ottawa’s Public Realm: A Two Part Lecture with Nan Griffiths & Michel Frojmovic

Presented Mar 2007

Stepping Into the Public Realm Nan Griffiths, is a Professor Emeritus at Carleton University where she taught architecture and urban history. She will speak about the role of architecture in the public realm in the social and economic life of the contemporary city: a skip through Barcelona, London and Ottawa City-Building: Looking Beyond Traditional Roots […]

Ken Greenberg: Rockcliffe Base- Ideas that Inform

Presented Nov 2006

As chief consultant to the Canada Lands Corporation for the Rockcliffe Air Base Community Design Plan and redevelopment, Mr. Greenberg will speak about the ideas that are informing the redevelopment planning and design process. Ken Greenberg is an architect and urban designer and is principal of Greenberg Consultants Inc. Please note that this lecture is […]

Janet Rosenberg

Presented Nov 2006

Janet Rosenberg, principal and founder of Janet Rosenberg + Associates Landscape Architects Inc. Offered in conjunction with Carleton University School of Architecture. For more information on Janet Rosenburg visit her firm’s website: Janet Rosenberg + Associates Landscape Architects Inc.

Urban China: a Society in Transition

Presented Sep 2006

China’s urbanization rate is growing faster than any country has ever experienced. Cities are transformed overnight. Modern high-rises replace traditional low-rise mix-use buildings. Highways and arterials replace narrow roads designed for pedestrians and bicycles. What does fast urban development mean for China and the world? Derek Ireland, director and chief economist of Chreod Limited. will […]