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2010-2011 Season Past Lecture:

NIMBYism and Affordable Housing

Marni Cappe, President of CIP, Housing and Policy Analyst
Sean Gadon, Affordable Housing Office, City of Toronto
Jo-Anne Poirier, CEO, Ottawa Community Housing

NIMBY noun \nim-b?\ (acronym: not-in-my-backyard ) opposition to the locating of something considered undesirable in one’s neighbourhood

Affordable housing is often viewed as being unwanted in communities, in many cases due to the perception that it will alter the neighbourhood’s social makeup, that it will generate traffic, or have incompatible built form. What are the challenges in overcoming these perceptions? What is affordable housing? Who lives there anyway? What does “affordable” housing look like?  Three renowned speakers discussed the challenges and shared experiences they have in promoting affordable housing.

This lecture received financial assistance from Affordability and Choice Today (ACT), a housing regulatory reform initiative of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (administrator), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (funder), the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, and the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.

Check out the full lecture video here

[vimeo clip_id=”18369210″]


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