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1999-2000 Season Past Lecture:

Urban Diversity: Managing Multicultural Cities

A debate that examined international migration and growing diversity and its impacts on city life and assessed its importance for urban planning, and explored solutions to create a desirable multicultural urban environment.

Dr. Dan Hiebert, Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, provided a portrait of the region’s population and how it differs from the past and how it will change as a result of immigration and internal migration.
Kass Sunderji, Senior Program Officer, Ontario Region, Canadian Heritage, will talk about the policy implications of growing diversity.
Dr. Mohammad Qadeer, Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen’s University, discussed specific planning issues that are affected by the growth of multicultural communities and how planning practices can adapt as a result.
Carl Nicholson, Executive Director, Catholic Immigration Centre, presented the daily experience of immigrants and ethnic groups in the City and how they can contribute to planning and economic decisions.
Gérard Moreau, Advisor, Government of France, provided an international perspective and described other cities’ solutions.
Meyer Burstein, Executive Head, Metropolis Project, moderated the debate.


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