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2002-2003 Season

Fitting in Part II: Learning from Montreal

Presented Apr 2003

Acclaimed Montréal architect Raouf Boutros, a master of what might be called “the architecture of the common object,” was on hand to explore the theme of affordable urban infill and discussed some of his affordable award-winning infill and design projects which deliver strong architecture and intelligent urban design within modest budgets.

Learning form Lotusland

Presented Apr 2003

Larry Beasley, Co-Director of Planning, and Director of Current Planning, City of Vancouver, and member of the NCC’s Advisory Committee on Planning, Design, and Realty, discussed the strategies and techniques that have delivered design excellence in his city.

Fitting In: But How?

Presented Feb 2003

This panel delved into a discussion of how intensification can accommodate growth in an attractive and sustainable manner. Susan Fisher, Researcher, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, highlighted successful examples of residential intensification projects from across Canada. John Doran, President, Domicile Developments, discussed the challenges associated with creating sensitive infill development projects in heritage and non-heritage […]

Managing Transportation Demand

Presented Nov 2002

This presentation examined new strategies of transportation demand management – shaping travel demands – being deployed in response to growing transportation demands since financial, environmental, and social pressures have made it clear that we can no longer rely solely on new infrastructure to meet increasing travel needs. Samantha Hartley-Folz, Go Green Choices, Vancouver, spoke about […]

Parliament Hill: Past, Present and Future

Presented Oct 2002

This panel looked at the past, present, and future of the buildings and grounds of Parliament Hill – our country’s most significant cultural landscape, whose evolution has influenced the urban character of our national capital while remaining a symbol of, and an inspiration, the nation as a whole. Julian Smith, Restoration Architect, and Professor in […]

Helsinki & Ottawa: Learning from Helsinki’s Success

Presented Sep 2002

The city of Helsinki is world renowned for its emphasis on design, transportation, and mixed-use development in its city planning. Two of its leading experts were on hand to explore their strategies on how to bring design front and centre. Matti Visanti, Project Leader for Town Planning, Helsinki, presented his city’s emphasis on mixed-use and […]